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What is a pool cue


Billiard cue: It is a hitting tool made of high-quality wood. The club is thin at the front and thick at the back, and can be long or short. Generally speaking, the club should not be shorter than 91cm. If the club is too long, it will be difficult to use and it will have an impact on aiming and hitting the ball, so you should choose the club that suits you. . The rod body is round, thin at the front and thick at the back, straight, with a length between 1.3m-1.5m, and a diameter of the rod head (thin end) of about 9-12mm. The quality of the leather head directly affects the ball. The leather head is made of high-quality leather and is elastic. It can control the impact force when hitting the ball and prevent slipping. In order to prevent slipping, the ball should be hit three or four times before the ball is hit. Apply astringent powder on your head. The scalp should be trimmed and polished frequently to keep it in the best condition. The club head is generally made of hard metal or plastic, and the leather head is glued to the club head for protection.

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