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Which pointer is better to use, capacitive head or felt head?


Both capacitive heads and felt heads have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which pointer to use depends on personal needs and preferences.

The advantage of the condenser head pointer is that the sound is clear and bright, suitable for playing high notes, and has a long service life. The disadvantage is that it is more expensive, is easily affected by temperature and humidity, and requires careful maintenance.

The advantages of the felt-head pointer are that it is relatively low-priced, has a soft sound, is suitable for playing bass parts, and has a long service life. The disadvantage is that it is susceptible to contamination and wear and needs to be replaced frequently.

Therefore, if you need to play the treble part and have high requirements on the timbre, you can choose a condenser head pointer; if you need to play the bass part, or if the timbre requirements are not particularly high, you can choose a felt head pointer.

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