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Telescopic Microfiber Duster Set
  • Telescopic Microfiber Duster SetTelescopic Microfiber Duster Set
  • Telescopic Microfiber Duster SetTelescopic Microfiber Duster Set
  • Telescopic Microfiber Duster SetTelescopic Microfiber Duster Set
  • Telescopic Microfiber Duster SetTelescopic Microfiber Duster Set
  • Telescopic Microfiber Duster SetTelescopic Microfiber Duster Set

Telescopic Microfiber Duster Set

Discover Zhihao versatile telescopic microfiber duster set crafted in China for quality: efficient, affordable, and customizable. Elevate your cleaning—purchase for a seamless blend of design, microfiber tech, and brand excellence.

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Product Description

Experience pristine cleanliness with Zhihao's Telescopic Microfiber Duster. Meticulously crafted in China, this versatile tool combines efficiency and affordability, catering to wholesale and individual buyers. Customize with our OEM options for precise cleaning. Zhihao's duster, marked by innovation and reliability, elevates your cleaning routine. Purchase now for a seamless fusion of telescopic design, microfiber technology, and brand excellence.

【Set combination】——This means that you not only get the telescopic microfiber duster, but also a number of additional accessories that will make cleaning even easier and more effective.

【Washable】The detachable head of telescopic microfiber duster set is easily cleaned by hand, using warm or lukewarm water. After washing, hang it in a dry, well-ventilated space to restore its fluffiness for subsequent use. Rather than discarding inexpensive dusters frequently, you can repeatedly use this duster, saving both time and money while contributing to environmental conservation.

【Bendable】Our bendable telescopic duster heads offer versatility, allowing shape adjustment for various surfaces. Easily navigate corners and tricky areas without having to contort your body into uncomfortable positions, enhancing cleaning efficiency and comfort.

【Multi-scene Application】Ideal for telescopic microfiber duster set on appliances, fans, cars, gaps, furniture, blinds, and more. Reaches challenging, hidden areas effortlessly!

In conclusion, the Telescopic Microfiber Duster from Zhihao Manufacture and Trading is a game changer when it comes to cleaning tools. With its microfiber head, stainless steel handle, retractable long handle, bendable head, and set combination, this duster is the perfect solution for all of your cleaning needs. Try it out today and see the difference for yourself!

Telescopic Microfiber Duster Set
Telescopic Microfiber Duster Set
Item Number Extended Range Section Pole Diameter Weight
BB485 9.5cm to 48.5cm
(3.7in to 19.1in)
8 5mm-12mm 21g
BB620 13cm to 62cm
(5.1in to 24.4in)
6 5mm-10mm 188g



Microfiber Feather Duster: The bendable and detachable design, made with high-quality microfiber for superb electrostatic absorption, effortlessly captures dust and hair with a gentle sweep.

Chenille Microfiber Duster: Featuring a removable and bendable chenille head, this duster is handwashable. Ideal for reaching narrow areas, it effectively removes dirt and dust for versatile cleaning applications.

Cobweb Duster: With elastic yet firm bristles, perfect for tackling stubborn cobwebs. Easily maneuver by inserting into the center of webs and spinning. Dense bristles attract and remove dust and dirt, swiftly eliminating sticky cobwebs from corners or roofs.

Gap Duster:Equipped with a removable crevice brush works well in both dry and wet conditions. Designed to fit into gaps, corners, and hard-to-reach areas such as sofa crevices, beneath beds, and the undersides of furniture for thorough and efficient cleaning.

The heads of our retractable microfiber precipitators are made entirely of microfibers. This means it's very effective at absorbing dust and dirt and other particles that may be lurking on surfaces in your home or office. The head can be bent and you can easily clean around corners or other tricky areas, making the cleaning process more comfortable and efficient.


The upgraded stainless steel extendable pole is more sturdy and won't rotate can reach up to 59 inches. Whether you need to reach high up to clean ceiling fans or you want to clean hard-to-reach spots in tight spaces, our telescopic Microfiber Duster has got you covered. And double Groove Pressing Design prevents the flagpole from suddenly contracting and shaking during use.


The detachable duster head makes it easy to clean, you can hand wash or machine wash Chenille Microfiber Duster and Gap Duster which just slide the head off the telescopic wand with warm or low heat water! Place in ventilated place to dry.

you can wash it with your hands and hang it in a dry and ventilated place to make it fluffy for next use.


The cleaner is equipped with a tail suspension design for effortless hanging. Not only that, it offers the convenience of disassembly, allowing it to be neatly stored in a drawer and effectively saving space.

Telescopic Microfiber Duster Set
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